I look forward to the morning lives EVERY SINGLE TIME ! Britt is sooo encouraging and ALWAYS gives an alternate exercise to do if you feel it’s not good for you. She continually makes me feel like I can do it as she counts down the seconds ! 

Also, the 3 mornings a week give me a total body workout that is easy to follow and totally easy to do at home,which is exactly what I like !! I can’t imagine not having Britt as my 6 AM start to the day ! - Shelly

I love these virtual workouts. I like that I can replay them in the on-demand library but also like that I can do them anywhere (home, office, lake or my parents) Britt is really encouraging and always looks forward to my workout days. - Jodie

I really like the virtual works . I am definitely a replay girl with shift work and I  that I am accountable to make it work . I am really liking the cardio add bursts, using weights and bands .- Stacey

I love the virtual workout replays because I can take Britt with me to the gym! I know what equipment I need ahead of time and I go in with a workout already planned for me!! - Janell

I love doing the live virtual workouts at 6am. This last challenge I didn't miss one live. It keeps me accountable. I love having my evenings free to do whatever else I need to do in life and not have to squeeze in a workout before bed lol. Britt is very encouraging and I love how she cheers us on during the workout. It's makes me feel like I can do any exercise for 40 seconds. - Dayna

I love them. They are great for any fitness level and Britt also offers modifications. Britt keeps the workouts lively and interactive and they're something I look forward to. I also like that there is a replay option so if 6am doesn't work or I need to switch up my schedule or just want to pick up an extra workout, they are all there and accessible. - Joelle